Rules of agreement

  • 1. general regulations
    • 1.1 This agreement is a binding agreement between "Eurotechnologies" and the user of the online store (hereinafter - the user). In accordance with the terms of this agreement, "Eurotech" delivers to the user the products placed in the online store, which are ordered by the user.
    • By clicking the "I agree" button, the user expresses his consent to the terms of this agreement. Based on the mentioned agreement, "Eurotech" is obliged to transfer ownership of the products to the customer, and the customer is obliged to fully pay the price of the order and receive these products.
    • 1.3 " Eurotechnologies" reserves the right to refuse the execution of incoming orders without giving any explanation to the user, about which the user will be notified within 24 hours after placing the order.
    • 1.4 If the delivery service is selected during ordering, the courier will deliver the purchased products to the specified address and not directly to the apartment (the courier is not obliged to carry the products to the floors).
    • 1.5 Before our courier delivers the order to the specified address, he is obliged to call the customer in advance. The customer, in turn, is obliged to answer this call and confirm his presence at the pre-specified address, otherwise the courier will not be allowed to leave the warehouse and deliver the order to the place.
  • Removing the purchase from the store:
    • When placing an order, you can also choose the delivery method - "pick up from the store". In this case, the products you have purchased will be delivered to you at a specific address, before taking out the products, please bring the unique code of the "Order Confirmation" and an identity document with you. In the event that a third party will take out the products, it is necessary to submit a unique code confirming the order to the administrator at the point of withdrawal.